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Hi all! Welcome to Squat with Me or Die, a strange game that mixes up the Dating Sim and Fitness genre!  This was a really late April Fools joke game I made. This game is special to me since I'm a bit of a gym rat myself. There are two modes, Story and Training (Free play)! 

STORY:  You've recently signed on to a mysterious gym contract and you wake up in the gym faced by a strange girl. Can you keep squatting to keep her from killing you and to figure out the truth?

GAMEPLAY:  Squat in real life and let Squat-chan know when you've finished the squat. No cheating or you cheat yourself!

Let me know what you all get as records!  Record: [COULD BE YOU]


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you dont need to squat in real life for squat-chan

SQUATTED 19.9 calories away!

RIP Flash game..

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download it

I burned 22.6 kj and did 60 squats

Amazing game now my legs are like jelly

SQAUTTED 16.8 Calories away!

(1 edit) (+1)

Doki-Doki do you lift club written all over this XD

and i 'SQAUTTED 14.8 Calories away! 

(and then gained it back with some chicken nuggets)

lmao this has to be the best comment

i would, but im in the middle of a room and then i'll just squat out of nowhere? chances of getting weird looks are like 100% so no please


I squatted 33.8 kj!!!!



Fun and simple. I held my laptop in order to play this game, did squats, and I quite enjoyed it.

that’s awesome! Thanks  for playing! 


 actually did squats my lEGS HURT BUT its good


Name yourself Squat-chan and uh, idk if it's ego or plain weird

game is pretty creepy, but i liked it.

I wanted a nice ass, but acquired a wife instead.

Thank you.

how do i get pass the first sceen?

I fixed a bug you should be able to now -- you type in your name and enter a weight!