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happy new year

Ah I see I need flash to play

yang beat m

Stuck in the year of the sheep

i see you

Yang Beat me

Stuck in the year of the sheep

happy new year!

Stuck in the Year Of the Sheep...


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When Yang told me to leave I thought to myself," What if I wait until Yang is done talking?" Yang beat me.

LOVE IT!Reminds me so much of undertale yet it dosen't and I love all of the refernces (especially were you get the call that says "JUST DO IT!" 😂


I think this is a secret but the fnaf animatronic thing with the bloody handprint is a reference too the first incident in Freddy fazbear's pizzeri, where one of the 4 animatronics(chica, foxy, freddy and bonny obviously) bit off a kid's frontal lobe, it said freddy had a handprint, on his forehead looking like someone was fighting back, the reference could mean freddy has done it 

you’re right! 

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first time: I see you (507)

second time: Stuck in the year of the sheep (556)

third time: yang beat me (598)

;-; I killed the monkey stuffie, and it somehow caused me physical pain.

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I see you; Stuck in the year of the sheep; Happy new year

OMG… my feels

my feels hurt so bad

but it’s nice

My score was 576


Good job and thanks for playing! <3 


And on second try, Happy New Year!! Final score of 647~. You made a beautiful game here, Dev. It sorta hits at the feels, actually. Thank you for making this! Hope to see more similar-style games in the future?

Thanks so much <3 I definitely love making these types of games and will keep making them! 

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Yang beat me~!

Dang this is tough... Reminds me of a cross between Undertale and Deep Sleep, for some reason. You did an amazing job on this ^^

Thanks so much for the kind words :) That's the vibe I was going for! 

I see you... chimcken nuggers

I see you

I see you

I see yo

Beep Beep Ima Sheep

Kinda cool, tricky and creepy too tho.


Happy New Yea

yang beat me

stuck in the year of the sheep

year of the sheep

hint : dont click anything Yang tells you to

I See you

This is a very good game. I loved it

Being born in the year of the sheep, I have to say this is a wildly creative game! I only managed to find one ending, but I loved it so much! Thanks for the exciting experience!

Fun fan game.

Hello, Can I pleae play this on my YouTube, I love the idea!

Of course you can! Also, I just released the sequel, Can You Escape Fate!


My younger brother is so offended because he's born on the year of the monkey! XD