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Thought you guys might enjoy an Undertale fan game I just created! It contains bullet-hell gameplay and #Undertale style art so it should be fun for you guys! Also I'm a huge Undertale fan so I've created some other Undertale fanart/fangames that might be of interest on my DeviantArt account!

tl;dr A Undertale meets #Escape the Room combination that should be fun for people who like puzzle and fighting games! warning:might have a jumpscare but don't worry it's not bad

3 Different Endings!
5+ Boss Battles
A Crazy Arcade Mode where you can fight to your heart's content
Many secrets to find!
Endless fun!

Link to Web: http://chibixi.deviantart.com/art/Can-You-Escape-Love-Inspired-by-Undertale-GAME-591646206

Link to Free Android version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.jcsoft.canyouescapelovezodiac

Link to Free iOS version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/can-you-escape-love-escape/id1086408865?mt=8
Promo video: https://youtu.be/M-BJgsYyPjg

If you like this, let me know what else you want to see!

Also available on


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I see you

I see you

I see yo

Beep Beep Ima Sheep

Kinda cool, tricky and creepy too tho.


Happy New Yea

yang beat me

stuck in the year of the sheep

year of the sheep

hint : dont click anything Yang tells you to

I See you

This is a very good game. I loved it

Being born in the year of the sheep, I have to say this is a wildly creative game! I only managed to find one ending, but I loved it so much! Thanks for the exciting experience!

Fun fan game.

Hello, Can I pleae play this on my YouTube, I love the idea!

Of course you can! Also, I just released the sequel, Can You Escape Fate! https://chibixi.itch.io/can-you-escape-fate-an-escape-the-room-game-inspired-by-undertale


My younger brother is so offended because he's born on the year of the monkey! XD