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Thought you guys might enjoy an Undertale fan game I just created! It contains bullet-hell gameplay and #Undertale style art so it should be fun for you guys! Also I'm a huge Undertale fan so I've created some other Undertale fanart/fangames that might be of interest on my DeviantArt account!

tl;dr A Undertale meets #Escape the Room combination that should be fun for people who like puzzle and fighting games! warning:might have a jumpscare but don't worry it's not bad

3 Different Endings!
5+ Boss Battles
A Crazy Arcade Mode where you can fight to your heart's content
Many secrets to find!
Endless fun!

Link to Web: http://chibixi.deviantart.com/art/Can-You-Escape-Love-Inspired-by-Undertale-GAME-591646206

Link to Free Android version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.jcsoft.canyouescapelovezodiac

Link to Free iOS version: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/can-you-escape-love-escape/id1086408865?mt=8
Promo video: https://youtu.be/M-BJgsYyPjg

If you like this, let me know what else you want to see!

Also available on


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Beep Beep Ima Sheep

Kinda cool, tricky and creepy too tho.


Happy New Yea

yang beat me

stuck in the year of the sheep

year of the sheep

hint : dont click anything Yang tells you to

I See you

This is a very good game. I loved it

Being born in the year of the sheep, I have to say this is a wildly creative game! I only managed to find one ending, but I loved it so much! Thanks for the exciting experience!

Fun fan game.

Hello, Can I pleae play this on my YouTube, I love the idea!

Of course you can! Also, I just released the sequel, Can You Escape Fate! https://chibixi.itch.io/can-you-escape-fate-an-escape-the-room-game-inspired-by-undertale


My younger brother is so offended because he's born on the year of the monkey! XD