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egg gang XD

....can I get with the mysterious voice? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  

egg gang 


EggGang! Does this mean I won his love?

#EggGang B)


This was defs interesting haha. Played your game in an indie romp

Your game starts at 6:23

Thanks so much for playing! enjoyed the playthrough!!


egg gang! i thought the jokes were really funny!

Got scrambled

Nice Games> If you guys like what I do then subscribe and check out my full and support your boii grow thanks!! I recommend everyone to check this game out!!

Got scrambled owo

after this game, i can never look at eggs the same way again


egg gang


egg gang ^u^

eggg ganggggg


Haha EggGang


egg gang

Why do I relate to the creator so much and yet your name is chibi and you still have a diviant art in 2019. ooof ok thats all

That was... interesting


Kinda disappointing there wasn't a special ending for just skipping all the days.

Either way, extremely good game! 

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It will not run on mac. You can still play it through flash but downloading it on a mac doesn't work. The mac unzips the package and then when you try to run it the can says that the game has been damaged and can not be played.

Are you the team that made the fnaf dating sim for phones?


I was giggling toward the end. SUPER clever game, hahaha. Nice work!

I got 300 pts! Egg gang!!!


egg gang

That was so much weird and fun at the same time 

egg gang for the win


egg gang


Quick Egg dating simulator game interesting!! Ending Scared me a little it was short story is horror about life of egg!! Those to like dating simulator or choice making game check it out!!