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Forgotten Fun

Huh? We're shooting the pictures with the evidence bullets we collected from the same pictures?

Who Did It?

-Person who played on hard mode

Forgotten Fun!

I had fun playing this but I think that there should be more endings

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Forgotten Fun!! I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much.

By Japanese

Forgotten Fun!

forgotten fun!!

this game was awesome! i'd love to see more in this universe :O

Forgotten Fun!

Danganronpa Vibes! but no Class Trials!

Forgotten Fun!

What a nice twist! I love the Danganronpa vibes it had to it, and it was a really fun experience! 


Dude I love your games

Thanks so much! Means a lot


I can see potential in this game. It reminds me of those games where they're well thought out and there's like a hidden story waiting to played, that is when the dev makes it :p

but tbh this game reminds me of the first Ace Attorney game and many games where you can tell it was "high quality" and very original very niceeeee *ok sign*

Can't wait for more games from you!

Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed it and found it original :) 

I love this game, Thank you Chibixi for exporting it on mobile! 

I love it so much that I...

Made a speed run for Seven Photos Photographic Detective! It was tough!

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Forgotten fun... wow! This was... terrifying xD

Have always wanted an indie game on this niche, yet surprisingly AAA controlled sub-genre.

Rebecca is really cute to be honest... but it's true you can't judge a book by its cover.

Forgotten Fun!!!!  :P

thank you

Loved it!! Great concept!!

That was some pretty entertaining stuff, more to it than I thought and loved having it added to the channel. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer 

Nice stuff!