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I was trying to figure out the truth but nope i lost and it said to comment who i think did it and i think connie did it

don't let this series die, this was extremely fun! here's to hoping for more in the future! oh and also "Forgotten Fun"

rest in peace adobe flash.

you will be missed.

my bad, iam very confused :(

who did it?

Is there more than forgotten fun and who did it ending? Cuz the forgotten fun ending got me wondering

Or is there already a part 2?

there is another ending you have to run out of sanity

That's who did it ending right? I got that one too xd


forgotten fun 31743

the ending i got was a big twis

man i love this game

forgotten fun

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i got who did it!

yeah i suck at games :(

edit: ok so i did a rerun and got forgotten fun! i never expected that kind of ending :0 but still amazing game keep up the good work! 

29151 Forgotten FUnN

who did it?

Forgotten Fun!

Found this game by searching up Danganronpa, since I just found out about this website today. Honestly, that was so exciting-

Forgotten Fun
Had much fun with this game. I think it would be nice if it had more or a sequel.

Forgotten Fun

Huh? We're shooting the pictures with the evidence bullets we collected from the same pictures?

Who Did It?

-Person who played on hard mode

Forgotten Fun!

I had fun playing this but I think that there should be more endings

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Forgotten Fun!! I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much.

By Japanese

Forgotten Fun!

forgotten fun!!

this game was awesome! i'd love to see more in this universe :O

Forgotten Fun!

Danganronpa Vibes! but no Class Trials!

Forgotten Fun!

What a nice twist! I love the Danganronpa vibes it had to it, and it was a really fun experience! 


Dude I love your games

Thanks so much! Means a lot


I can see potential in this game. It reminds me of those games where they're well thought out and there's like a hidden story waiting to played, that is when the dev makes it :p

but tbh this game reminds me of the first Ace Attorney game and many games where you can tell it was "high quality" and very original very niceeeee *ok sign*

Can't wait for more games from you!

Thank you so much! I’m so happy you enjoyed it and found it original :) 

I love this game, Thank you Chibixi for exporting it on mobile! 

I love it so much that I...

Made a speed run for Seven Photos Photographic Detective! It was tough!

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Forgotten fun... wow! This was... terrifying xD

Have always wanted an indie game on this niche, yet surprisingly AAA controlled sub-genre.

Rebecca is really cute to be honest... but it's true you can't judge a book by its cover.

Forgotten Fun!!!!  :P

thank you

Loved it!! Great concept!!

That was some pretty entertaining stuff, more to it than I thought and loved having it added to the channel. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer 

Nice stuff!