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Thank you for this beautiful game, especially thank you for giving me childhood, I cried in all three of your parts. I fell in love with Houzi, I felt so sorry for her at the end... 😭



But seriously, this and the other games you made were apart of my childhood truly. I have fond memories of this game and playing out its endings, and your other games, thanks for making a part of my memories.

A New Life. In case you don't have flash, downloading flashpoint should let this game run.

How exactly do I run the game-?

flash ended so i dont really know

A New Life, gg everybody

can u make antother escape  room

more like "Can You Escape Love?"

The whole time during the last chapter I was like ”USE MY SOUL TO REVIVE HIM,PLEASE!”.I got so attached to Jax for no reason.I didnt treat it like a made me feel real emotions and I loved it so much.Not gonna lie, i started crying from chapter 3, with the souls.

I found another secret(I think) Please reply if you agree! or not.... Anyways, you know in episode 1? that gorilla blocking that door, if you click him with the gun equipped you get too shoot him, and if you click the gorilla with no items equipped it says "that gorilla looks familiar", So I believe the gorilla's death is a Harambe reference because Harambe was shot and killed in may something 2016

You got it! 


A Soul Crushed


I love this game, I liked the plot and the genocide/pacifist routes
It's really good! I enjoyed it a lot

Thanks so much! Glad you liked the game!

A new life.....i wonder of the other endings


I love this!!!

This story was amazing, A New Life!

i love it

couldn't get it to work, then realised it wasn't a windows download, too bad, great game

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I love the story of this game! Very inspiring.

A new Life.

i install for you :3

i install for you :3

Fun fan game.

This is really good

could I record it?

So cool. First fight is an insane seemingly innocent creature, just like Undertale

such a cool game. I liked Can You Escape Love too


This is probably one of the coolest games I have ever played!! Good Job!!!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed :)